NOTE – change of management

NOTE’s CEO Erik Stenfors, who has run the company for the last six years, has reached an agreement with NOTE AB’s board to leave the company during 2005. Vice CEO Kjell-Åke Andersson assumes responsibility for the group.

”It is with mixed emotions that I have come to this decision”, says Erik Stenfors, the outgoing CEO of NOTE. ”NOTE has seen fantastic development thanks to a clear Business Model, combining hi-tech in Sweden together with volume production in Central Europe. During this growth the businesses has taken more of my time and I have seen my family less. This is the reason for my decision; especially now since we are expecting our third child this summer. It feels good to be handing over to Kjell-Åke who is one of the most experienced industrial leaders within the ems-arena and a great business builder”.

Kjell-Åke Andersson was previously the President of the NOTE’s daughter company in Lund as well as Vice CEO for the NOTE group during the last twelve months.

”Erik has contributed a tremendous amount of time and effort over the last six years”, says Sten Dybeck, Chairman of the Board.” Now we are entering a new period with new challenges and I fully understand Erik’s decision to withdraw from his current position”.

Erik Stenfors remains on the board as well as an active member of a management committee during 2005 to handle the transition.

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