NOTE makes EBV Elektronik its Supplier of the Year

With the citation reading: “for outstanding quality, high responsiveness to NOTE’s needs and demands and for best service to our sites,” EBV Elektronik has won NOTE’s Supplier of the Year 2007. The award was received by Ulrika Pewe-Magnusson of EBV Sweden and Krzysztof Zajac of EBV Poland at NOTE’s annual Suppliers’ Day event, which was held in Sopot, Poland, last week.

“We measure our strategic suppliers on a series of criteria through the year and recognise the supplier that their best achieves our goals. It’s hard, but that’s the idea,” commented Ove Danielsson, the NOTE group’s Quality Manager, who is responsible for evaluating suppliers.

Markus Norrbom, NOTE Components’ Nordic Regional Director, continued: “We focus on those items in the evaluation that help our customers and us. Delivery precision and delivery quality are the most significant factors in this process, which are things we know our customers depend on.

For more information, please contact
Markus Norrbom, Director of NOTE Components, tel. +46 (0)70 373 8393

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