NOTE Norrtelje AB (former Norrtelje Elektronik) enters the List of Growth year 2001

Norrtelje Elektronik AB in Norrtälje (that during April changed name to NOTE Norrtelje) has qualified for the List of Growth year 2001, that today is presented by the consult in Rapid Growth; Ahrens and the daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. The List of Growth – the list where everybody is a winner – consists of Sweden’s 62 fastest growing companies.

– To grow that fast, with profit and endurance like Norrtelje Elektronik has done is a fantastic achievement, says Thomas Ahrens, Managing Director of Rapid Growth.

Last year the List of Growth was lead by IT-consultants and manpower companies, but this year product companies within traditional trades are high up on the list.

Norrtelje Elektronik AB has qualified for the fifth year in a row and are this year placed on the 53:rd place on the List of Growth.

Ahrens definition on a company with growth is a company that during the last five years has had an average organic turnover increase of minimum 25 percent, have 50 employees and a turnover of minimum SEK 50 m. Ahrens Rapid Growth and Svenska Dagbladet have published the List of Growth on a yearly basis since 1993.

For further information, please contact:

Mats Hultin, President NOTE Norrtelje, tel. +46 708-53 95 51
Patrik Kvarnlöf, Vice President – Sales NOTE Norrtelje, tel.+46 708-85 35 90

Thomas Ahrens, Managing Director at Ahrens Rapid Growth, tel. +46 70-879 11 00 or thomas.ahrens@ahrens.euromail.se

Ahrens Rapid Growth is the growth consultant that created the term;" company with growth" and yearly produces the so called;" List of Growth". The Ahrens group of companies consists of three subsidiaries and one joint venture. The Ahrens group has totally 55 employees and offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund in Sweden. Also in Oslo, Norway.

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