NOTE reopens in Lund with Alliance meeting

In connection with the reopening of the fire-ravaged NOTE Xperi factory in Lund, the global network of manufacturer of electronics, ems-ALLIANCE, had a conference. During the days in Lund about 70 Swedish and international companies had the opportunity to meet EMS –suppliers for discussions regarding materials procurement and global manufacturing of electronics. The Alliance also presented their operative model for procurement and low production costs. The Alliance was represented by their members from Brazil, India, Italy, China, Sweden and USA.

– Global materials procurement is very much discussed by the manufacturers right now, said Marina Filipsson, chairman of ems-ALLIANCE. – Many of those companies are looking for alternative solutions to lower their material and production costs. During the meeting in Lund we have had the possibilities to discuss trends and exchange ideas. In the light of the present situation on the market, the original manufacturers are eager to discuss creative cost solutions, Marina continues.
According to Marina Filipsson, the first operative Alliance model that was introduced by NOTE AB in Sweden will now be extended to the five other companies within the Alliance group.
– One of our main objectives as an EMS-supplier is to be able to offer our clients a competitive advantage in the form of lowest possible cost for material and production, Sten Dybeck, chairman of the NOTE group of companies tells us. The Alliance model has made it easier for NOTE clients to reach efficiency and growth, which also contributes to our own growth, Sten Dybeck continues. We pass on this”recipe” for efficiency and growth to our partners within the Alliance to enable them to offer the same advantages to their customers, Sten Dybeck concludes.

The conference was opened by a ceremony of cutting the ribbons for the new NOTE Xperi factory. The factory was badly fire-ravaged in February this year and was now reopened with pomp and circumstance.
– The new factory is completely adapted to our clients’ demands for flexibility and new way of thinking, Kjell-Åke Andersson, President of NOTE Xperi, tells us. In the middle of the factory premises is our NOTE Lab located, and in our Center of Excellence that are focused mainly on medical technology there are three surface assembly lines, Kjell-Åke concludes.

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