NOTE takes position on the growth list of the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

NOTE AB are growing rapidly by own force. This is revealed by this years growth list that are published by the rapid growth consultant Ahrens and the economy section of Svenska Dagbladet. The list includes the 66 fastest growing companies in Sweden. NOTE AB, that was on 53:e on last years list has advanced to position number 44 on the list.

The electronic company NOTE, has since 1996 grown with an average of 32,7 percent per year. NOTE, with antecedents, that was founded 1983 has a turnover of SEK. 514 m. with 372 employees. NOTE is on the growth list for the sixth year in a row.

Ahrens definition of a rapid growing company is a company that during the last five years has shown an average increase in turnover with minimum 25 percent, has minimum 50 employees and a turnover of minimum SEK. 50 m. The growth list has been published yearly since 1993.

– ” We were very pleased at NOTE when we received the information that we take place on the growth list for the sixth year in a row, especially after a year that has been very difficult for many in the trade”, says CEO Sten Dybeck, NOTE AB.

For this years growth list there were 125 companies nominated and 66 of them are published. A place on the list is not only a reward for the good result of the company – it is also an evidence of new approach and good entrepreneurial spirit.

For further information, please contact:
Sten Dybeck, CEO, NOTE AB, +46 708-55 18 00 or sten@dybeck.com
Thomas Ahrens, President Ahrens Rapid Growth, +46 708 791 100 or thomas.ahrens@ahrens.se

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