NOTE received The Golden Shoes

Last week NOTE made the Growth List as Sweden’s fastest growing contract manufacturer of electronics. Now NOTE has also been awarded ”The Golden Shoes” prize as Sweden’s most sustainable growth company.

NOTE President and Group CEO Erik Stenfors accepted ”The Golden Shoes” prize at the Growth List awards ceremony. The prize went to NOTE because it is the company that has been on the list the most times, and distinguishes NOTE as a true ”marathon company” that makes the list year after year.

”37% annual growth for 10 years as a manufacturing subcontractor is an achievement in a class by itself. NOTE has an important task in preserving and safeguarding the manufacturing know-how that is on the verge of withering away in Sweden due to the outsourcing trend. It is our hope that NOTE can give more companies the courage to ensure proximity between product development and production,” says Ahrens Rapid Growth founder Thomas Ahrens.

”Our success is proof that we have adapted well to the modern and sometimes extremely strict requirements to which an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) supplier is subject. The growth we have achieved is the result of growing together with our customers and always gearing our services to their needs,” says NOTE Group CEO Erik Stenfors.

If you have any questions regarding this press release, please contact:
Erik Stenfors, NOTE President and Group CEO; 0176-79901 or 0709-50 80 70,
e-mail: erik.stenfors@note.se

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