Group Management

Chief Executive Officer & President

Johannes Lind-Widestam

Employed: 2018
Born: 1972
Education: M.Sc. (Econ.)
Other significant assignments: None.
Professional experience: Experience of a range of executive positions, including serving as CEO of Kitron Sverige AB and Elos Medtech AB.
Holding of NOTE shares*: 172,100
Holding of NOTE options**: 400,000
+46 (0)70 541 72 22

Chief Procurement Officer

David Krantz

Employed: 2017
Born: 1980
Education: M.Sc. (Eng.) in communications and transport systems.
Other significant assignments: None.
Professional experience: Long-term experience of procurement and supply chains in operational and executive positions with companies including Ericsson.
Holding of NOTE shares*: 10,400
Holding of NOTE options**: 0
+46 (0)76 812 15 31

Chief Financial Officer

Henrik Nygren

Employed: 2006
Born: 1956
Education: M.Sc. (Eng.) in industrial engineering and management.
Other significant assignments: None.
Professional experience: CFO and business controller of major listed Swedish and international industrial groups such as SSAB, Danaher Corporation and Snap-on Inc. Previous experience of business development and trade sales for companies including Retriva AB.
Holding of NOTE shares*: 265,000
Holding of NOTE options**: 0
+46 (0)70 977 06 86

Director Business Development & Sales

Kamran Shahabi

Employed: 2014
Born: 1989
Education: Business Management at IHM Business School
Other significant assignments: None.
Professional experience: Experience of sales in operational and executive roles for companies including Högbloms, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Tele2.
Holding of NOTE shares*: 3,356
Holding of NOTE options**: 0
+46 (0)70 279 59 87

*  As per 31 August 2021, including contingent holdings by closely affiliated natural and legal persons and is reported in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation.
** Warrants.